Forget Me Not

  What is the best strategy to attract and retain customers? To answer a question with more questions: Is it a never-ending cycle of too good to be true deals? #BOGO Is it social media so appealing that you keep wanting more?…

Influencers Hold the Purchasing Power

Over the past few years, we’ve all heard the term “influencers” as the buzzword within agencies, and even from our clients who want more information on what so called “influencer marketing” entails. Not only has technology given anyone with access to a smartphone the ability to be his or her own publishing company, it has given brands a whole new way to market to consumers authentically. Read on for why brands should take a chance on influencer marketing.

Iced Coffee with a Side of PR

Client service is a skill you can always be honing and improving.  We should not just be selling to our clients or thinking, “what’s in it for us?”  The client-agency world is a two-way street that starts and ends with relationship building.

Five Things I Learned at my First Job Out of College

Today marks month five at my first job out of college. Interestingly, the statistics show only a quarter of college grads work within their field of study. I majored in Psychology with a Minor in Business and landed an internship at a communications…

Shift Happens

  What came first? Change in the way humans live, buy and share information, or was it new technology that disrupted life as usual? Either way, shift happens. For the fast and flexible, that shift is an exciting opportunity; for the slow…

Complacency – It’s Real

Continuity and long service on a piece of business allows for intimate knowledge into a client’s innerworkings and desires, but at the same time, it allows account teams to fall into the dreaded trap of complacency.

Why Doesn’t My Agency Get Me?

A client-agency relationship should be no different from any good partnership, personal or professional. The good ones are mutually beneficial, communicate truthfully and treat each other fairly. When it comes to business partnerships, companies don’t choose companies, people choose people.

Communications’ Role in Transformation

Communications is the heartbeat of change, constantly providing information flow to many places and people so change can happen effectively.

PRWeek: Stagwell, Finn conflict shop Wye Communications hires Erica Swerdlow as CEO

Burson-Marsteller EVP Erica Swerdlow has been hired as the first CEO of Wye Communications, a new PR firm jointly owned by Stagwell Group and Finn Partners. View the original article from January 31, 2017 by Diana Bradley in PRWeek.