Entries by Erica Swerdlow

A Recovery Like No Other

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new and unexpected business challenges to the forefront. Leading the confusion is a lack of information about how the pandemic will continue evolving and what lasting impact it will have on organizations. As companies around the world experience continually changing health and economic regulations and outcomes, we can only surmise […]

What You Say & How You Act Defines Your Business Culture

  What are cultural beliefs in an enterprise? How do they differ from the vision and mission of the company? And most importantly, who defines them and what role do they play? We recently worked with our client, Radisson Hotel Group, on a milestone rebranding effort designed to align a global company around a single […]

Does a Website Still Matter?

They say, “if you’re not online, then you don’t exist.” In that spirit, we are excited to share that Wye Communications has launched an updated website! We hope you like our new facelift, outfitted for who we have become since our initial website version, created before our company opened its doors. Prior to the launch of […]

Don’t Blame the Bait & Switch

One of the standard questions asked of agencies during an agency selection process is, “Can I meet the team who will work on my business?” This question often gets asked because of a concern that agencies showcase top talent during a pitch presentation and then put “junior or other” talent on the business, leading to […]

The Perils of Speed in 2018

Speed is a risk. I know this well; I am married to a professional Superbike Racer. My husband, Kevin, is a speed junkie and raced Superbikes for the past 10 years. We know the exhilaration… and the danger. In Superbike Racing, you may think speed is what wins, but like all races, speed is only […]

Iced Coffee with a Side of PR

Client service is a skill you can always be honing and improving.  We should not just be selling to our clients or thinking, “what’s in it for us?”  The client-agency world is a two-way street that starts and ends with relationship building.

Shift Happens

  What came first? Change in the way humans live, buy and share information, or was it new technology that disrupted life as usual? Either way, shift happens. For the fast and flexible, that shift is an exciting opportunity; for the slow and established, it is a scary proposition. I have been given the opportunity […]

Complacency – It’s Real

Continuity and long service on a piece of business allows for intimate knowledge into a client’s innerworkings and desires, but at the same time, it allows account teams to fall into the dreaded trap of complacency.

Why Doesn’t My Agency Get Me?

A client-agency relationship should be no different from any good partnership, personal or professional. The good ones are mutually beneficial, communicate truthfully and treat each other fairly. When it comes to business partnerships, companies don’t choose companies, people choose people.