The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new and unexpected business challenges to the forefront. Leading the confusion is a lack of information about how the pandemic will continue evolving and what lasting impact it will have on organizations. As companies around the world experience continually changing health and economic regulations and outcomes, we can only surmise that recovering from COVID-19 will be ongoing and complicated.

At Wyecomm, we call this time of change a Rolling Recovery, and we’re challenging our clients to think about critical communications and operations questions that will help define the future of their business:

  • What changes will we need to make to our business model to meet future expectations brought on by the pandemic?
  • What changes should happen to our corporate culture so our people can deliver on the desired future state of our organization?
  • How can we leverage new data and analytics to make more strategic business decisions?
  • Are we agile enough to meet the challenges of an inevitable transformation? Where are the rigid points?
  • Does our organization keep up with fact-based news and analysis? How can this get distributed to key stakeholders without causing anxiety or even more business disruption?

As leaders think through these questions of evolution and transformation, we believe clear and effective communications sits at the heart of how an organization can act with speed and agility. Strong communications and PR will create an environment that provides what is needed most: transparency, knowledge, confidence and collaboration among employees, customers, investors, vendors and partners, no matter where they are in the world.

Wyecomm has brought together people and processes that can serve companies through the Rolling Recovery. This program includes media, social and trend monitoring, stakeholder mapping, issues and crisis expertise, content development and project management. We are flexible and can scale our teams to provide the right support to help leaders make decisions and execute on business plans as close to real-time as possible.

Let’s have a conversation to understand your challenges and co-create a communications approach that supports your desired future state. Contact us at or visit to learn more.