Does a Website Still Matter?

They say, “if you’re not online, then you don’t exist.” In that spirit, we are excited to share that Wye Communications has launched an updated website!

We hope you like our new facelift, outfitted for who we have become since our initial website version, created before our company opened its doors.

Prior to the launch of Wyecomm in January 2017, I started thinking about how we would grow quickly from no clients to securing the right clients. I decided to use as little money as possible from my newly secured Stagwell Group investment to launch a website. It seemed more important to me to spend time and money on networking with former colleagues, clients, employees and friends, posting on my social sites, securing media coverage for the agency and talking about our new venture everywhere I could. While this worked, what surprised me most was how often people mentioned they had viewed the site. quickly proved to be a key destination for information and proof of our existence. I learned that yes, a website still does matter and provides valuable information to potential customers, partners and employees.

As part of Wyecomm’s identity, our initial site was focused on communicating our brand essence: a modern agency that puts the relationship (not our services) at the center of a successful partnership. We existed to help solve problems where communications could play an important role – building brands, managing reputation and transforming companies. We communicated our key message that Wyecomm would do this work better than other agencies with an emphasis on three things:

  1. Scale our work for clients with the right talent at the right time
  2. Avoid separate Profit & Loss (P&L) structures and the billable hour that keep agencies from doing number one
  3. Bring integration and operational excellence to the forefront, so that we could say yes to every request a client threw our way

We did a fine job of explaining this on our online home page, using language that defined us as different and showcased our cultural beliefs. What we didn’t do so well was let people know what we actually did. This was by design – we didn’t want to be defined by services that were changing rapidly because of new technologies, speed and disruption, and we didn’t want to box ourselves into language that sounded like every other PR firm.

But too often, we would hear “I went to your website…I’m not sure what you do? What kind of agency are you? What services do you provide?” These questions did not represent our philosophy of making things as easy as possible at every touchpoint. We needed to have answers to those questions when folks would take the time to learn more about us through our website.

This time we brought the work in-house, with design and development done by Wyecomm Advisors Kathleen Glass and Steve Glass of Oinkodomeo. They helped us update our site, including adding an inventory of services – all of which we performed over the past year – a sampling of our clients and industries for whom we executed those services for, and an updated look and feel to our blog. Which, if you read our latest blog post, is one of the most valuable places to learn about our thinking and what is new about our agency.

As we learned, what we didn’t think was important, actually mattered quite a lot. In the end, it’s the opinion of the people visiting our site that matters most, so please take a look around and feel free to provide feedback at www.wyecomm/contact.